to help you in your horsemanship journey

learn the 'come get me' trick

Do you have trouble getting on your horse?

Access this fast, fun and free training video so you can learn to teach your horse the “Come Get Me” Trick.

The idea behind this trick is that the horse is taught to willingly present himself wherever you’re standing just by raising your hand in the air.

You don’t need one, two or three people to hold your horse for him to stand still. After your horse knows this trick, they will walk over and stand quietly, and say: “I am ready for you to get on.”

horse safety checklist

How safe is your horse?

Can you control every part of his body, even if he's scared or unsure?

There are some specific things that I believe every horse should be able to do before he or she is considered completely safe to ride. So that you can see how safe your horse is to ride, I've created this FREE Horse Safety Checklist.

If you can check off every item on this list, then your horse is truly safe!