We offer a variety of horses for sale including our Legacy Paso Finos which are some of the most competitive and well-trained Pasos in the world. Whether you want a world-class competition partner or someone you can enjoy the trails with, we have what you need.

World Class Horses

Come Meet Your New Partner Today!!! *Our Legacy Paso Finos are hand-selected for their breeding, conformation, and abilities; raised right here on our ranch; and trained with our methods from birth. Come meet your partner today.*
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JEWEL                                      $20,000

Ms America 1

*MS. AMERICA*                        $20,000

Seabiscuit 1

*SEABISCUIT*                          $30,000

Rocket 5

ROCKET (Rky Mtn/Perch)     $27,500

Marengo 5

MARENGO                                 $10,000

Minion 5

*LULU*                                       $20,000

Tonto 3

*TONTO*                                   $20,000