Attend the Gascon Horsemanship Academy and learn hands-on, exactly what it takes to be an equine specialist. The Academy is located at a thriving horse training facility, training all kinds of horses from ponies to draft horses and everything in between.

Welcome to our Training Academy

Learn the secrets to crystal-clear communication with your horse!

Gascon Horsemanship Academy Courses

We're is one of the few equine academies in the world where every instructor is a National or World Champion in their discipline, have had successful careers in the horse industry, and can teach you to do the same. Job placement assistance is available for all graduates


The 8-week course is perfect if you want to become a better horse trainer. Really dive into two months of learning to better communicate with your horse and how to give horses a great start. Work with different problem horses and learn how to teach your horse tricks or new disciplines such as driving. You will graduate form this course  with added confidence, supreme knowledge and unbeatable experience.

  • Colt Starting
  • Problem Solving
  • Driving, Obstacles, And Trick Training
  • Horsemanship
  • Creating Crystal Clear Communication
  • Manage The 2 Skills In The Holy Grail Of Horse Training
  • Ranch Management
Due Now: $25 Application Fee
Total: $5,575 Course Fee


You will graduate from the 6-month course with all of the tools, knowledge, and experience you need to start your own business as a horse trainer. As a graduate you will also be offered assistance with job placement. Take this opportunity to turn your passion into a profitable business!

  • 10 different disciplines to determine your specialties
  • Work with multiple different breeds
  • Problem solving, horsemanship, colt starting, driving, trick training, and more
  • Create crystal-clear communication
  • Horse health care and basic veterinary care
  • Manage the 2 skills in the Holy Grail of horse training
  • Run and maintain a horse ranch
  • Devise successful business and marketing plans in the equine field
  • Staff management
  • Customer care and communication
Due Now: $25 Application Fee
Total: $14,975 Course Fee