Education Opportunities

Whether you’re looking for virtual or in-person training, you’ll find what you need to learn the language of the horse

learn to communicate with your horse

It’s my life’s goal to help as many horses and people live a better quality of life together.

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing the horsemanship education my family and I have learned through five generations of horsemanship. In addition to that extensive background, I’ve intentionally ventured outside of the Paso Fino breed to learn from mentors in other disciplines and work with numerous breeds of horses.

Why? Because I have an ongoing quest to deepen my knowledge of how to train and communicate with horses.

I also have an ongoing quest to share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible

So, do you want some one-on-one time together at a Clinic or Retreat? Let’s do it!

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of my methods through my Gascon Horsemanship Academy or Internship Program? I’d love for you to apply!

Or, maybe you want to apply what you’re learning at home with access to hundreds of my training videos with ongoing support? You’re invited to join the Horse Help Membership Club!

However our paths may cross in your horsemanship education journey, I look forward to meeting you and your horse!