Bring your horse for training by the Gascon Horsemanship team

Is your horse a good fit for our program?

My horse needs to be started.

I’m experiencing behavioral issues with my horse.

I want to enhance my horse’s performance in my favorite discipline.

My horse is labeled a “problem horse and I don’t know where to turn.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your horse is a good fit for our Gascon Horsemanship program. How do I know? Because the principles of my methods are based on the language of the horse, and they speak the same language no matter the breed, age, or discipline.

That’s why I’m confident my team and I can help you meet your goals for your horse!

**NOTICE** We have a limited number of monthly openings for training horses, so reach out early to secure your spot!

michael head to head horse

It’s my life’s goal to help as many horses and people as I can live a better quality of life together.

~ Michael Gascon

Our Team Approach

When you send your horse for training at Gascon Horsemanship. you’re guaranteed a hard-working team around your horse. I (Michael Gascon) and our entire team at the ranch will make sure your horse gets the best possible care and treatment.

As the head trainer, I will be responsible for the training of your horse throughout the entire period he or she is here.

I’ll set up a program for your horse and follow-up regularly to make sure your horse makes the progress needed to achieve your equine goals.

As part of that program, your horse will also be ridden and worked by other members of the team such as hired trainers and/or my Horsemanship Academy students to make your horse as forgiving as possible and used to a change of hands.

Whether it’s me riding your horse or one of my team members, all training follows our Gascon Horsemanship methods and is supervised by me to ensure top quality.

World-Class Horse Care

Your horse will get the best possible care at Gascon Horsemanship. We have a full-time nutritionist on staff that will make sure your horse gets all the supplements and the right amount of grain. Breakfast is served at 7 a.m. and dinner at 4 p.m. daily.

Your horse will have free-choice grass hay available 24/7 and his stalls will be cleaned 6 days a week and re-bedded daily to ensure comfort.

Your horses’s safety is our priority, so all training horses enjoy regular turnout by themselves with no direct contact with other horses

Turn-out paddocks are rubber fencing with an electric fence barrier and used on rotation for play, rolling, playing in the water tub, and sun time. Each horse receives proper fly spray and sunscreen (if needed) before being turned out and then receives a full bath before coming back inside.

We believe horses need a day to rest and recover just like humans, so all training horses are worked 6 days per week and Sunday is a rest day.

In addition to the full-time nutritionist, we also have a farrier, equine chiropractor, and equine dentist at our ranch regularly. If your horse would need any of these services, feel free to let us know! Our farrier charges $50 for a trim and $100 for a full set of shoes.

**NOTICE** We have a limited number of monthly openings for training horses, so reach out early to secure your spot!

We had my horse Magnolia trained by Micheal. He was awesome. I was in shock when we picked her up because of all the trainers we have had over the years- they never came close to meeting our horse's needs.

Micheal met all expectations as our trainer. Magnolia is now safe for all ages and level of rider. I can ride Magnolia without anxiety or hesitation that I had before she was trained.

Most of all my 77-year-old Dad can ride Magnolia safely during parades which made him and I very happy.

Becky F.

You are amazingly talented and what you did for us is honestly unbelievable! Porter has no more "spook" which has given Stella the courage to ride him and start building a long-lasting bond with him.

You brought back her horse-riding sparkle! I'm so glad Meg sent her horse to you...and if we ever buy another horse, they will come to you immediately! You have such a gift and a one-of-a-kind program.

I'm glad that all those within MHJA are aware of you now. I wish you much success! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Stephanie W.

I am so enthralled with Horse Haven! They have a great training facility, they did a great job with my 10-year-old Arabian filly, Mimi.

I took Mimi out on a trail ride not long after I picked her up from MS. My husband was also riding a horse, and he was taking chemo at the time. We rode with our trail riding buddies, and he started getting ill, about 20 minutes from camp. My filly never made a bobble, with all the commotion, and anxious riders, she was a perfect lady, and allowed me to concentrate on getting my husband back to the trailhead, and I did not worry about her acting up or being nervous. She was awesome!

Thank you to Horse Haven, Michael Gascon, Christine, Jamie & Cindi Gascon! I am very glad I made the right choice to send my girl to you. I am hoping to get another horse in foal, so that I can also send that young horse to you. I am sure you will make an excellent horse out of it too. Thank you again!

Debby G.

My Training Philosophy

Each horse is started in what I call “Preschool,” regardless of their abilities or past training. From there, I offer them the final exam of every grade level until they fail. When they fail, I will fix the root of the problem and then move on to the next grade level. It's the same process for colt starting horses. I refuse to be the horse's biggest limitation—if they are ready, who am I to hold them back?

Many of the colt starting horses have a very successful first ride in the first session because of this philosophy. This allows the horse to have an easy and enjoyable first month of training with actual riding.

My program DOES NOT wear the horse out to get what we want.

All of our training is from “cold” with no lunging to wear the horse out. We want your horse to be sensitive and ready to learn whatever it is we are asking for the day.

(Do you want to know what a regular day of training will look like for your horse? Scroll down to the FAQs section for more details on daily schedules for training horses.)

Here’s a peek at what’s possible when you send your horse for training with Gascon Horsemanship

Program Details

You can expect honesty about your horse’s progress during training, no matter if it is good or bad news. We are not in the business of trying to keep horses in training for as long as we can or glorifying your horse’s abilities into something they’re not.

I’ll be honest with you from the start so that you can enjoy your equine partner as soon as possible!

Current training rates are $4,000 per month, all-inclusive. A minimum of 30 days of training is required.

Payment is due at the start of every new training month. You will receive an invoice to the email stated in the horse training contract with easy payment methods, including PayPal, Credit Card, Cash, or Check. Please note that in the case of an unpaid invoice, we will withdraw the money from the credit card stated in the horse training contract.

Your Questions Answered

All training horses must have current negative Coggins and proof of UTD vaccination for Strangles, Equine Influenza, Rhino (EHV 1 & 4), West Nile, EEE/WEE, and Tetanus. For the safety of your horse and all other training horses, we will be checking this prior to the arrival of your horse.

We also suggest making sure your horse has a great body condition score and has been reset or trimmed by the farrier prior to coming to make sure that we can start straight into training without any setbacks.

Yes, we offer horse trailer parking for $100/trailer during your horse's training session. We also have designated manure dumping areas if you wish to clean it out before leaving it as well. 

Every horse is different and will advance on varied levels. However, the following is our typical basic standard for a horse that leaves here after 30 days as a colt starting horse.

Of course, this will vary for horses that come here with no human exposure and have to be unloaded off the trailer with no handling experience. Please have realistic expectations for horses that have to learn how to trust humans, being handled, and pressure and release system.

-Walk, Trot (Or Gait), Canter Under Saddle And Over Obstacles
-Trail Ride (Cross Water, Logs, Etc.)
-Obstacle Course
-Arena Work
-Ride In A Halter
-Started In A Snaffle Bit
-Direct Rein
-Intro To Neck Reining (Depending On How Quick They Advance)
-"Come Get Me" Trick
-Intro To Spinning/Pivots
-Intro To Side Passing
-Respecting Personal Space
-Overall Handling

If your horse has already been started under saddle and has any issues with the above, we can work through those issues as well as work on anything you want. We will do as much as we can in the time that we have your horse to reach your goals.

Other Things That Your Horse Can Learn & Or Be Started On During Training:

-Problem Solving (Loading, Bucking, Biting, Rearing, Refusing, Etc.)
-More Advanced Riding Skills (Spins, Stops, Two-Tracking, Etc.)
-Trailer Loading/Unloading
-Neck Reining
-Parade Prep
-Mounted Shooting
-Lay Down
-Gait Work (Trotting/Pacing)
-Spooky Horses
-And Anything Else You May Want Or Request!

***Please Be Sure To List Anything That You Would Like Worked On In The Contract!***

We understand your horse is your pride and joy. Although not guaranteed, I regularly post videos and highlights from training horses and colt starting on my Facebook page.

Due to liability, we have stopped sending 2-week update videos to our training clients due to people wanting to pick up their horse thinking that it is now ready for them—even if only 2 weeks under saddle—due to the progress that I am able to make with them.

Please understand that although horses are going through the training process with me, it doesn't immediately mean that they are beginner-ready/forgiving yet. Every horse will be different and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are accurately updated on our suggestions for continued training or rider type, if needed. We provide weekly updates via text from our business line (601) 365-9676, typically on Wednesdays. 

Some owners prefer to just pick their horse up and don't care to be bothered so we let the owners have open communication with our contact number for what questions you would like answered. If you prefer, we’d be happy to share more on your horse’s progress!

Please have patience with our response time as it may take a couple of hours for us to get back in the office after training horses all day.

Depending on the time of year, your horse may be ridden at any point throughout the day. During summer hours, we ride horses in the early morning, overnight, and/or late evening so that horses are not be ridden in the heat of the day.

Ride time for each horse will vary depending on the goals for that horse, what they are working on for the day, and how far along they are in training.

Normal Daily Training Schedule:
-Remove From Stall
-Tie In Saddling Area
-Groom (Brush, Shine Spray, Saddle, Fly Spray)
-Tie & Stand Patiently For Their Turn
-Grade School Prep (Avg. 5 Minutes After Initial Session) -- *Can Be Seen In Respect Series In Our Team MG Membership Club*
-Training Session (Avg. 45 Minutes - 1.5 Hours -- Could Include: Round Pen, Arena, Obstacle Course, Park, Trails, Trails Next To Roadway, Etc.)
-Turn Out Or Extra Tie Time (With Water Access) Depending On Weather And Needs
-Full Bath (Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler, Shine Spray, Fly Spray)
-Tie Time Under Fans To Dry
-Return To Stall
*Extra Activities May Be Added Based On Needs/Goals For The Horse

While your horse is in training, our primary focus is your horse. Since our facility is very high liability due to the nature of the training horses we get in, in order to have the general public on site we must shut the barn down. We charge a lesson rate of $300/hour (the same as our 1 hour clinic spots) for Michael to work with you and your horse, even if you are just wanting to visit. This is meant to cover not only Michael's time, but also to make up for the time it will take us and our staff staying later or coming earlier to the barn to make up for the training time lost during those appointments. We are riding training horses Monday - Saturday from typically 7am-7pm CST each day so we are pretty flexible on appointment times if you wish to schedule one with your training horse. These lessons will be in our arenas or park area. If you wish to be able to do the trails and obstacles with your horse, we suggest signing up for a retreat that is at the end of your training so you can get the full experience and spend 5 days here at the ranch learning about your horse and what they've been through in their training so you can put it into action that week. Trails and obstacles are not covered under lesson liability. 

Every horse gets 1 FREE exit appointment at the end of your horse's training. This will be scheduled on or close to your horse's last day of training. Additional days of training after your last training date will be billed at $100/day (Pro-Rated Training Rate). Additional lesson sessions during the time of your horse's training will be $300/hour and must be scheduled in advance since we have to shut down the barn for outside appointments due to the liability with some of the dangerous training horses I get at the ranch.

During your exit appointment, you will spend approximately 1 hour going through all of the steps with me. You’ll see what your horse has learned/worked on, and then ride the horse yourself. At that time, you can either take your horse home as planned or you can decide if you'd like your horse to stay another month to learn more. Either way works perfect for us—we are flexible!