Whether you have a colt that needs to be started, are experiencing behavioral issues with your horse, or want to enhance your horse's performance in their discipline, Gascon Horsemanship can help you meet your goals. We have a limited number of spots on a monthly basis for training horses, so reach out early to secure your spot.



When you send your horse for training at Gascon Horsemanship you are guaranteed a hard-working team around your horse. Michael Gascon and the team at the ranch will make sure that your horse gets the best possible care and treatment. You can expect honesty about your horse’s progress in the training, no matter if it is good or bad news. We are not in the business of trying to keep horses in training for as long as we can or glorifying your horse’s abilities into something they’re not. We want to be honest with you so that you can enjoy your equine partner as soon as possible!


The halter is fantastic! I have been using it for absolutely everything, riding and of course training. I have always been cautious about having the right bit, using it correctly, watching how much pressure, etc. After using the halter for trail and training, I doubt I will ever go back to a bit for pleasure riding. For the average rider who just wants to have fun, stay safe, not get into a horse’s mouth and not have to worry about “What bit is the right one?” this is the ultimate.  Michaels videos and easy to follow, step by step how-to, have in a short time, done wonders for the both myself and Hunter. He stays attentive, as time goes on is bending and flexing more fluidly, is on his own now dismissing distractions that before would make him jump, even though I have not worked him on these. And…I now have total confidence in handling any situation that comes up.

Ron J.

You are amazingly talented and what you did for us is honestly unbelievable! Porter has no more "spook" which has given Stella the courage to ride him and start building a long lasting bond with him. You brought back her horse riding sparkle! I'm so glad Meg sent her horse to you...and if we ever buy another horse, they will come to you immediately! You have such a gift and a one of a kind program, I'm glad that all those within MHJA are aware of you now. I wish you much success! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Stephanie W.

We had my horse Magnolia trained by Micheal. He was awesome. I was in shock when we picked her up because of all the trainers we have had over the years they never came close to meeting our horses needs. Micheal met all expectations as our trainer. Magnolia is now safe for all ages and level of rider. I can ride Magnolia without anxiety or hesitation that I had before she was trained. Most of all my 77 year old Dad can ride Magnolia safely during parades which made him and I very happy.

Becky F.

I'm a member of Team MG Membership Club. I've been watching your work with Elegante. I'm getting more insight on how to do things. This system is really working for my daughter and I. We were at the Troy Il clinic. After getting back and signing up with Team MG we are making leaps and bounds of progress. My daughters Saddlebred even went on his very first trail ride with no rearing. He was concerned at first, and we started making excuses, then my daughter remembered the things you had said, and decided NO MORE EXCUSES and the situation changed. We both can't wait to keep progressing. THANK YOU!

Barbara T.

I am so enthralled with Horse Haven! They have a great training facility, they did a great job with my 10 year old Arabian filly, Mimi. I took Mimi out on a trail ride not long after I picked her up from MS. My husband was also riding a horse, and he was taking chemo at the time. We rode with our trail riding buddies, and he started getting ill, about 20 minutes from camp. My filly never made a bobble, with all the commotion, and anxious riders, she was a perfect lady, and allowed me to concentrate on getting my husband back to the trail head, and I did not worry about her acting up or being nervous. She was awesome! Thank you to Horse Haven, Michael Gascon, Christine, Jamie & Cindi Gascon! I am very glad I made the right choice to send my girl to you. I am hoping to get another horse in foal, so that I can also send that young horse to you, I am sure you will make an excellent horse out of it too. Thank you again!

Debby G.

I am somewhat new to the "horse-industry". I've always loved and been around horses, but never had one of my own nor worked in training with them. I have become very interested in working with our PasoFino gelding Benito. He was scared of life and only trusted us in his care. We have had many small wins in the past year and he has blossomed so much with the little bit of work we have done with him. My Resolution is to work with him...EVERY DAY! I owe it to him to give him the best life possible and in return give him a more relaxed life so that we may enjoy him more and he will enjoy the company of others and enjoy most, if not all, aspects of life. Thank you for helping me in this process!

Brittany H.

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