Meet the Gascons

Using lessons learned from our five-generation-long horsemanship journey, we help horses and people build strong bonds.

the heart of gascon horsemanship

While my family’s horsemanship journey goes back 5 generations and includes many World Championships in a variety of disciplines, the heart of Gascon Horsemanship has always been to use simplicity and communication to get everything we want out of our horses.

My mom was the second-youngest woman to win Congress in the 80’s and my dad was a world-renowned Paso Fino trainer with multiple world championships under his belt. My sister and I followed in their footsteps with multiple national and world championships as well.

Building On Our Paso Fino Passion

If you’ve ever watched the Luke Perry movie, A Fine Step, you’ve seen our work with Pasos because every one of the horses in the film was trained by my family. I was even Luke’s stunt double!

One of the biggest horse lessons we’ve learned along the way is that you don’t have to wear out your horse to get them to do what you want. In fact, with a breed like a Paso Fino, you almost can’t wear them out.

So, we learned to speak to our horses using their language. And it works every time!

Going Beyond Gaited

So, when my parents passed the family horse business down to me, I decided to go outside of just one breed.

I’ll always love the Paso Fino breed. They are extremely smooth, beautiful, talented, smart, and verstile horses. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Paso Fino, you can check out our legacy sale horses here.

I wanted to share our knowledge, history, and education with the world because I have seen it work for every age, breed, and discipline of horse.

So, I’ve worked with so many different kinds of horses, everything from ponies to Percherons, from pleasure to performance horses. And the training methods I teach work with each one because while every horse is different, they all speak the same language.

That’s why I, along with my wife Kelsey—who is a professional trick rider and amazing horsewoman in her own right— have one goal at Gascon Horsemanship.

Our goal is to help riders like you find the confidence and gain the knowledge to work with your horse so you can enjoy your horse passion.

Because horses who have strong, and respectful bonds with confident owners live amazing lives. And so do their owners.

Come Along for the Ride

If you stick around long, you’ll also learn about my incessant need to pick up a broom if I have a minute not on a horse, my reliance on Cuban coffee and my obsession with cherry Twizzlers.

You’ll meet my family when you visit the ranch, and taste my mother’s amazing cooking, before heading out to our custom-designed obstacle course.

You’ll join my wife and I on our journey as we support our growing (fur and human) family and business by offering new and exciting things for you.

I hope you’ll come along with us and learn the knowledge that we’ve gained over 5 generations of working with horses so you can communicate easier with your horse. And have fun doing it!

Michael Gascon
The Horse Guru
Gascon Horsemanship