Horse Retreats

We offer a fun-filled ALL INCLUSIVE horse vacation that makes your fantasy vacation affordable for all.

What To Expect

Enjoy our picturesque ranch nestled in the gently rolling hills of beautiful Southern Mississippi. You can ride our world-famous Paso Finos or bring your own horse to enjoy and learn on.
  • 6 Days and 5 Nights of lodging
  • Stay in our Cowboy Cabins or beautiful western-style Hotel
  • Hookups for RVs, Campers, and LQ trailers
  • Stabling and care of any horse or horses you bring
  • Amazing home-cooked meals each day
  • Entertainment and fun (everyone knows we can throw a party!)
  • Horsemanship education with Michael Gascon (The Horse Guru)
  • Education on safety and how to read horses



The retreat not only met but exceeded all my expectations. Michael family and staff were so friendly and accommodating, eager to attempt to meet every request. Watching Micheal with his colt starting and getting the fundamentals of : horse psychology, safety and exercises to control movement of the horse and correct common problems has quickly advanced my horsemanship and confidence. Where else can you find this diverse knowledge and especially resources to cover so many disciplines and let you interact and ride so many types of horses! The schedule was structured but flexible so The group could ask questions and focus on areas we were interested in. Most importantly we were able to apply what we learned by such fun activities as: trail rides, obstacle course and my favorite horse soccer! End your day swaying on a hammock with a gentle breeze listening to the frogs and horses in the background. The food was outstanding and there was plenty of it. Michael, family and staff you all should be very proud of the work you are doing and the positive impact you are making in the lives of people and horses. I had a blast! Thank you.

Robert P.

Spending a week with 4 girlfriends at the MG Horse Retreat in Mississippi where we shared our passion for horses was the best birthday celebration I have ever had (#68)! Plus we made new friends there too. The Gascon Team made sure every detail looked effortless but we know it wasn’t. The “can do” attitude by each and every team member, including Momma Cindi who feed us three hardy meals a day everyday, did not go unnoticed. No matter how bizarre our requests were - it was done with a smile coupled with an incredible amount of emphasis and hard work focused on our personal learning and confidence building for improving our horsemanship skills. We were even given access to ride a bunch of famous national championship horses. The nonstop depth and breath of learning experiences was mind blowing and so much fun. If you ever find yourself thinking: I sure wish I knew how to: ( fill in the blank of your list here)” then sign up for an MC Retreat because by the time you leave you WILL know.

Debbie B.

I had an amazing time at the retreat. The property was perfect for a get away. Secluded yet easy to get to. The rooms (beds) were comfortable, the food was absolutely delicious (Ms. Cindi should publish a cookbook!). Watching Michael start a few horses in person was remarkable. It never got old to watch him. My biggest takeaway from my experience was confidence. Having my horse in 30 days of training followed by spending the retreat with him gave us a boost that I cannot fully describe. While the horses that are provided for retreaters without their own are wonderful, I can’t imagine having this experience without my own. Applying Michael’s methodologies while receiving encouragement and on-the-spot correction was invaluable. Playing soccer on my “chicken” horse is something I’ll never forget! Whether with your own horse or not, its impossible to finish the retreat without having new confidence and horsemanship skills or, at the very least, having had a relaxing yet exciting time!

Rhonda S.

Awesome Retreat!!! Beyond what I expected!!! Michael gave me the confidence with my horse to try things I never would have tried. Horse Soccer!! It was so much fun. The staff is Wonderful. The food was delicious. I’m planning a trip to go back and bringing friends!!!

Tammy P.

It was truly a great event. The repetition was key in really helping the "basics" sink in. And, I am happy to report that on Sunday when we returned, I was able to transform my buddy sour boy into a full blown "Watch ME" with two eyes and two ears. Don't think it will take too many more little "reminders" before we have that habit nipped! So much of what we learned just keeps re surfacing! We made some great new friends and had a BLAST playing soccer! Great time and Great clinic. Easy to see why MG is a natural horsemanship favorite!

Debbie L.

In all my adult life I’ve wanted to learn to ride without popping up and down in my saddle. I finally settled for posting (not very Western or comfortable). In TWO DAYS, under MG instruction, I developed an appropriate seat. My horse and I crossed obstacles, swam in a pond and overcame a spook with a move which would’ve previously left me on the ground. My horses improved and I feel I deserve to ride them.

Parks W.

It’s hard to be brief when they’re so many wonderful things to say about the entire week. The food, the accommodations, the staff and the exposure to different riding experiences was something I’ve never known on any trip, anywhere. I’m especially glad I was able to bring my own horses for this trip. There’s so much more I could say but I will stop for now. Thank you for everything. I have the utmost respect for this trainer and his background. Good honest people.

Adrianne L.

Involved and learned from a variety of horsemanship specialties such as driving, trick training, roping, riding, and of course, the awesome MG method. Good company, good food, amazing horses, new friends!!

Martha C.

I attended a retreat and also a clinic. The retreat was a fantastic experience. We were treated like family and learned a lot. The Clinic was in Michigan and I was only auditing. It was a good learning experience to see what MG did for "green" horses.

Maryse R.

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