Gascon Horsemanship Halter


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Regularly referred to as “The Magic Halter,” the Gascon Horsemanship Halter is a key factor in the success we see in our training methods. Whether your training on your own or you’re a member of the Team MG Members’ Club, this halter will bring your horse training to the next level. The knots on the noseband add additional enforcement to the horse’s face when a lead rope or the reins add pressure. You can also ride in this halter because of the designated spots on the side to hook your reins to.

All the horses that come to Horse Haven Ranch to be trained are started in the Gascon Horsemanship Halter before they transition to the bit and bridle. We stand by this halter fully.


  • Marine-grade nylon rope
  • 5 knots across the nose to allow for turning & stopping abilities
  • Rein connection points on the sides
  • Team MG label & phone number
  • Lifetime guarantee

Black, Blue, Aqua, Pink, Orange, Green, Purple, Red


Mini, Pony, Small Horse/Arabian, Regular Horse/Standard, Large Horse/Draft


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